RABS Hydraulics is known for manufacturing innovative and complex technology like Double-acting telescopic cylinders composed of an outer cylinder. We at RABS manufacture and supply double acting hydraulic telescopic cylinders are usually located at opposite ends of the cylinder assembly. To attain the double-acting feature, additional hydraulic seals are added to internally seal off the individual stages. Besides, internal air or oil passageways are machined so that as each stage completes retracting, a passage is open to supply the next stage with pressurized fluid to retract.

We at RABS have gained international acclaim due to our strict qualitative parameters in the manufacturing of Double Acting telescopic cylinders. The raw material we use is procured from some of the most reliable vendors and is stringently tested for quality before being used in the production process. We use the latest technology and comprehensive quality control systems in manufacturing our products so that our customers get exactly what they want on customized requests. Our operations hub at Coimbatore is constructed with a best-in-class infrastructure comprising cutting-edge technologies. We at RABS hydraulics have highly qualified and expertise utilizing the art and proven design standards. They have the capability and capacity to support your growth objectives. Thus we are the renowned manufacturer and supplier of Double-acting telescopic cylinders.

No of the stage : Customise
Pressure : Maximum operating pressure 200 Kg/cm2

(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified)

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With quality as our utmost forte, we are highly determined to take care of the very best standards of quality altogether our products. We at RABS have adopted strict quality measures and norms in all business activities. We ensure the delivery of flawless products, we have recruited a team of adept quality inspectors who follow stringent quality control programs in all their working methodologies.

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